June 17, 2010

Japan and back.

Well, it is not new-news anymore, but I recently went to Japan back in April. There is so much to see that I only managed to see Tokyo.... and a very small part of it, I might add. Taking the train from station to station, it seems like the city never ends and 10 days of exploring is barely enough to scratch the surface. Anyhow, this is one of the first photos taken when we saw land and I thought it turned out kind of neat so, here you go!

Besides the many adventures I had overseas, I have been keeping busy with making new art for an upcoming art show as well as trying to upload some new artwork through the internet. Right now, I have some paintings from late 2009 posted on my site and, hopefully, I will have more new work to show the world.

So, go check out TonyPapesh.com and see what's new.